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                                                   BEG: The Chinese in Indonesia 印尼華人

                                                   ADV: Keywords in Resumes 履歷關鍵字


The Chinese in Indonesia


For hundreds of years, many Indonesians have been unfriendly toward the Chinese people that live in Indonesia. Chinese Indonesians have been treated unfairly. The Indonesian government hasn’t given them the same protection that it gives Indonesians. Indonesian people have blamed Chinese Indonesians for manyeconomic problems. In 1998, a number of Indonesians took part in riots. They tried to destroy many Chinese-owned shops and houses.



Although many Indonesians still dislike Chinese people, their feelings are slowly changing. Schools in the city of Lamongan, Indonesia are requiring students to learn Mandarin Chinese. Chinese teachers are being sent to this city to teach. Chinese Indonesian students want to learn Chinese to reconnect with their culture, and quite a few young Indonesians want to learn Chinese because they think it will be good for their future in business. China has affected economic growth in Indonesia for a number of years, and ever since the 1998 riots ended, the Indonesian government has tried Elem34-02(縮小)harder to support the Chinese people that live in Indonesia.




Vocabulary 好字精選

1. treat (v) to behave toward  對待,處理,治療

Natalie was treated differently after she changed her hairstyle.



2. blame (v) to find fault with 責備,怪罪

The other students always blame Kyle when something goes wrong.



3. economic (adj.) relating to the economy 經濟的

The economic problems are worse in this country. 



4. riot (n) a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd 暴動

Because the government didn’t fix the issue, there were riots in the streets. 



5. require (v) to specify as compulsory 要求,請求

All students are required to fill out this form.



6. reconnect (v) connect again 再次聯繫

Cooper and Colin decided to reconnect with their father.

Cooper 和 Colin決定再次聯繫父親。


Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. a number of (something) (phrase) several   很多的

A number of people are going to Jessie’s party. 



2. take part (in something) (phrase) to participate in   參加,參與

If you would like to take part in the Drama Club’s activities, please contact Susan Brown.  如果你想要參加戲劇社的活動,請連繫Susan Brown。


3. ever since + simple past/clause, + present perfect/clause (sentence pattern)


Ever since Bernie fell off his bike, he hasn’t dared to try riding it again.      




Keywords in Resumes


There are so many resumes out there nowadays, and writing a good one can be tough. But now it’s not just about making yourself look good, it’s also about including keywords. Adv34-01(縮小)Keywords are considered important for quite a few reasons.

現今有太多的履歷,要寫出一篇好的履歷是很有挑戰性的。不只需要讓自己看起來很出色,更要加入一些關鍵字。下列是關鍵字之所以重要的原因 。


First of all, if your resume doesn’t contain words that often appear in the industry you want to work in, your resume might get overlooked. Recruiters on LinkedIn will often scan for these keywords. Certain jobs always have certain wordsassociated with them.



Secondly, it’s vital to include keywords that match the standard skills connected with the job you want. A recruiter will look for these skills when looking over eachapplicant’s resume. If you’re applying for a sales job, it would be useful to include words such as “generating sales,” “communication skills,” and “business development.”



Lastly, using keywords well is just as important as including them. Keywords are a good way to get noticed, but if you just put them in randomly, a recruiter will lose interest. You have to use examples that are based on your experiences. You have to describe the things you did and fit the keywords in nicely.



By following these steps, you’re much more likely to obtain the job that you’re seeking. It’s a competitive world, and only those who put effort into finding a job will become successful.




Vocabulary 好字精選

1. industry (n) any general business activity 產業,行業,工業

Because of the climate, the agriculture industry is thriving in this country.



2. recruiter (n) a person who recruits people for jobs 招聘人員

A recruiter has to look over many resumes.   



3. associate (v) connect 有關連

I don’t want to associate myself with this group of people.



4. vital (adj) absolutely necessary or important  重要的,關鍵的,至要的

If you want to get a good score on the TOEFL listening section, it’s vital to listen carefully.



5. applicant (n) a person who makes a formal application for something 申請者

The applicant was rejected because he didn’t have the right skills.



6. seek (adj) to attempt to find (something) 尋找

Jane is seeking a new job. 



Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. out there (phrase) in some area outside / in the world 在那邊

There really are so many stupid people out there.    



2. look over (phrasal verb) to examine 確認;檢驗

Tiffany looked over her shopping list one more time to see if she had forgotten to add something.  Tiffany再次確認購買清單是否有任何遺漏。


3. present continuous verb/clause + is just as adj. as + present continuous verb/clause (sentence pattern) 如同...

Flossing your teeth is just as important as brushing them.  



4. put (something) into (something) (phrasal verb) 放..進去

If you put effort into studying, you will probably pass the test.





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