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                                                  BEG: Netflix in Taiwan 台灣Netflix

                                                  ADV: What is Post-Rock? 什麼是後搖滾樂?


Netflix in Taiwan


If you’re feeling lazy on a Sunday, but you want to watch a movie, there’s no need to go to the DVD rental store. Just sign up for Netflix.



In January 2016, Netflix started its services in Taiwan. Netflix is an entertainmentcompany that lets members stream TV shows and movies. Many popular shows and films can be found in its online library. Whereas Taiwanese cable televisioncompanies provide mostly local Elem31-01(縮小)programs, Netflix mainly provides TV shows from the US.

2016年的一月,Netflix開始在台灣服務。Netflix是一家影視娛樂公司,能讓註冊會員在 線上觀看電視節目及電影。它的網路典藏館上可以找到許多受歡迎的電視影集與電影 。台灣有線電視公司提供大部分的當地節目,而Netflix則主打美劇。


To sign up you can just go to their website:www.netflix.com. New members get one month of free use! Signing up is also cheap. Taiwanese cable companies charge between NT $500 and NT $600 each month for theirservices. However, Netflix charges between NT $270 and NT $390. It’s a good price!



Netflix lets you choose from three different plans: the basic plan, the standard plan, and the premium plan. With the basic plan, the picture quality is normal. With the premium plan, the picture quality is amazing.




Vocabulary 好字精選

1. entertainment (n) the action of providing or being provided with enjoyment  演藝;娛樂,消遣

A lot of people rely on computers for entertainment.



2. stream (v) to send or receive data over the internet as a steady, continuous flow串流,流動

Mina used Youtube to stream news.

Mina透過串流在Youtube線上收看新聞 。


3. cable television (n) a system where TV programs are transmitted by cable  有線電視

Cable television is being used less frequently these days.



4. local (adj.) relating or restricted to a particular area  地方性的;當地的

The local community raised their concerns about the noise in the neighborhood.



5. service (n) the act of doing or providing something  服務;招待

How much do you charge for your services?



6. quality (n) how good or bad something is  品質,質量

The quality of Sinclair’s running shoes is excellent.



Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. there’s no need to + verb… (phrase) it’s not necessary to do something不需要…,無用…

There’s no need to worry. She’ll be fine! 



2. sign up (phrasal verb) to register or to subscribe to something  註冊;報名登記

Zayn signed up for Gmail. 




What is Post-Rock?


The 60s, 70s, and 80s gave birth to what we know today as classic rock. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Queen are just a few of many famous classic rock bands. But nowadays rock music Adv31-01is branching off into new genres. One of these genres is called post-rock.

今天我們所知的經典搖滾樂誕生在60年代、70年代以及80年代。齊柏林飛船、平克佛洛伊德和皇后樂團只是許多著名經典搖滾樂團中的幾個。但是現代搖滾音樂正分化成新的類型。 其中之一被稱為後搖滾樂。


Post-rock is a kind of rock music that focuses oncontrast to create a powerful atmosphere. The songs tend to be long and often don’t have any words.Sometimes the music is soft; other times it’s quite hard and energetic. Due partly to this, people say that post rock resembles classical music. It also includes aspects of jazz and electronic music. A unique characteristic of post-rock is that it uses guitars to make different levels of sound. The sounds from the guitars blend together to make a steady buzzing noise, as opposed to clearly changing notes.



One famous post rock band is called Explosions in the Sky. This band was formed in 1999 in Texas and has gained great fame worldwide. The band consists of three electric guitarists and a drummer. Their songs have been shown in a variety of movies, most notably in Friday Night Lights.

一個著名的後搖滾天團名為天空爆炸。這支樂團於1999年成立於德克薩斯,聞名世界。該樂團是由三名電吉他手與一名鼓手組成。 他們的歌曲出現在多部電影中,最引人注目的是勝利之光。


Sigur Rós is perhaps the most famous post-rock band. Formed in Iceland in 1994, Sigur Rós has heavily influenced the genre. Their second album, Ágætis byrjun, is considered one of the greatest post-rock albums of all time.

Sigur Rós(席格若斯)大概是最著名的後搖滾樂團。 Sigur Rós於1994年在冰島成立,對後搖滾樂風的影響甚鉅。他們的第二張專輯「好的開始」被認為是歷史上最偉大的後搖滾專輯之一。



Vocabulary 好字精選

1. contrast (n) the state of being strikingly different from something else  對比

The contrast between his skills now and his skills a year ago is quite noticeable. 



2. energetic (adj.) involving great activity or vitality  精力充沛的

After all the sugar, the little boy was very energetic.  吃了這麼多糖之後,小男孩精力充沛。


3. resemble (v) to look or seem like  類似

Nick resembles his mother.  Nick酷似他的母親。


4. unique (adj.) unlike anything else  獨特的,與眾不同的

You really have a unique smile!  你得確有個獨特的笑容!


5. blend (v) to mix something with something else  混合,融合

Mrs. Watkins blended the paints together to make a new color. 



Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. give birth to something (idiom) to initiate something  產生某種東西

The 70s gave birth to hip hop.  嘻哈音樂誕生於70年代 。


2. Noun(s), + noun(s), + and noun(s) + are just a few of… (sentence pattern)  …其中一部份、幾個…

Corn, wheat, and soybeans are just a few of many agricultural products in the USA.  玉米、小麥和大豆只是美國許多農產品中的一小部分。


3. branch off (phrasal verb) to leave the pain part of something  分岔,分歧

On the map, you can see several streams that branch off from the river.



4. Sometimes + (the) noun + is adj.; + other times + pronoun + is + (quite) adj. (+ and adj.) (sentence pattern)  有時…,其他時候…

Sometimes Josephine is nice; other times she is quite mean.



5. consist of (phrasal verb) to be made up of  由…組成

The typical American breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, and coffee or juice.





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