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                BEG: The Scariest Thing that Has Ever Happened to Me 我身上所發生過最可怕的事情

                                ADV: Solar Eclipses: When the Sun Disappears 日蝕:當太陽消失時


The Scariest Thing that Has Ever Happened to Me


When you read that title, you might be thinking something like an encounter with a snake, monster, or bad guy. But it was nothing like that. Here’s what happened.


My friends and I were staying in a hotel at a popular tourist resort in the mountains. After hiking in the daytime, we went for dinner at a quick fry and met some strangers from our hometown. All my friends left before me because they were exhausted and wanted to go to bed, but I stayed longer to have more drinks with those new friends.


Around midnight, I walked back to the hotel. It was freezing outside and I only had a thin jacket on. When I arrived, I found the large wooden door was locked and I didn’t have a key. To make matters worse, my cellphone battery was dead. I banged on the door as hard as I could and even screamed, but all the rooms were at the back of the hotel so nobody heard me. I got so worried that I wondered whether I might freeze to death out there.


Suddenly, another hotel guest came up from behind me and unlocked the door. I was saved!


The next morning at breakfast, one of my friends asked, “Did you guys hear that crazy person banging on the door last night?” I didn’t say a word.




Vocabulary 好字精選

1. encounter (n) a (usually unexpected) meet-up with sb. or sth.  遭遇﹝敵人﹞;遇到﹝困難,危險等,﹞

The campers had a terrifying encounter with a bear.



2. resort (n) a place where tourists like to go and stay  觀光勝地

Kenting is a popular beach resort at the southern tip of Taiwan.



3. hometown (n) the town in which one was born or grew up in  故鄉,家鄉

Kai-En’s hometown is a little village in Chiayi. 



4. exhausted (adj) extremely tired  精疲力盡的;耗盡的

All of them were exhausted after they finished the race.



5. freezing (adj) very cold  寒冷的

It’s freezing out. Make sure to wear a thick jacket, gloves, and a hat.



Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. quick fry (expression) 快炒

The family spent several hours eating food and drinking beer at a quick fry.



2. to make matters worse (phr)  更慘的是

Pete dropped his coffee on the floor. To make matters worse, he cut his foot on the broken glass from his cup.



3. freeze/starve to death (phr)   冷死/餓死

I’m starving to death! Let’s go eat.



Solar Eclipses: When the Sun Disappears


Once in a while, the Sun seems to totally disappear behind a large black ball in the sky. That large black ball is in fact the Moon, and this peculiar natural phenomenon is called a solar Adv45-01eclipse.


Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and blocks the Sun from our view. Usually it takes about two hours for them to cross paths, but the total eclipse, when the Moon totally blocks the Sun, lasts for about 7.5 minutes. Partial eclipses usually occur up to five times per year, but only two of those will usually be total eclipses. What’s more, they can only be seen in certain parts of the world, making a solar eclipse a rare sight to behold for most people.


If you are lucky enough to catch a solar eclipse, don’t forget that you can easily damage your eyes by looking directly at the Sun, even when the sun is partially blocked by the Moon. Therefore, it is advised that you use special eye protection or an indirect viewing technique.


Some people are so obsessed with seeing solar eclipses that they will travel to remote locations just to try to witness every solar eclipse. These people are referred to as ‘eclipse chasers’.




Vocabulary 好字精選

1. peculiar (adj) strange奇特的

The peculiar thing is that nobody knew what time it was.



2. phenomenon (n) a fact or situation that can be observed but is difficult to explain現象

The Northern and Southern Lights are one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena.



3. partial (adj) not complete  部分的

The student was only able to provide a partial answer to the question.



4. advise (v) recommend/suggest 建議

It is advised that you start this assignment ASAP. 



5. technique (n) method/way 技術、方式

Advanced scientific techniques were used to open the ancient dinosaur egg. 



6. remote (adj) distant, far away from everything遙遠的、偏遠的

The lost boaters got stranded on a remote island.



Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. once in a while (phr) something similar to 偶爾、有時候

Once in a while, Jacob forgets how old he is. 



2. S + V, making + S + ADJ (sentence pattern)  使+受詞(人)+形容詞

Pete got 99% on the test, making him the top-scoring student in the class. 



3. a sight to behold (idiom) something very impressive to see令人印象深刻的景象

This waterfall is a sight to behold after heavy rain.



4. sb. + obsessed with V-ing (sentence pattern) (人)對…著迷

Grant is obsessed with photographing every dish that he eats.





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