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  BEG: Palau’s Jellyfish Lake: What Happened to All the Jellyfish? 帛琉的水母湖:水母們發生了什麼事?

    ADV: Should We or Should We Not Put Stray Animals Down? 我們應該或不應該讓動物安樂死?


Palau’s Jellyfish Lake: What Happened to All the Jellyfish?


Palau is a beautiful island country in the Pacific Ocean near the Philippines and Indonesia. Made up of over 250 islands, Palau attracts over 100,000 tourists per year, who come to enjoy sunbathing and various water activities. One of the most popular attractions in Palau is Jellyfish Lake, a lake filled with a special kind of golden jellyfish on an uninhabited island called Eil Malk. Tourists can go snorkeling among thousands of these beautiful animals, which don’tElem17-01_縮小sting.

帛琉是位於太平洋的一座美麗島國,靠近菲律賓及馬來西亞。帛琉由250個以上的小島組成,每年都會吸引10萬以上的旅客前來享受浮潛及各種水上活動。其中一個最為知名的帛琉景點就是水母湖,位於無人島Eil Malk,且充滿著金色的特殊水母種的湖泊。旅客們可以和上千個美麗又不螫人的生物一同浮潛。

However, recently the tours to Jellyfish Lake have stopped, because it appears that the lake isrunning out of jellyfish. In the past, the lake contained about 8 million jellyfish. A few years ago, scientists claimed that number was down to 600,000, and now there seems to be just about none.


Elem17-02_縮小The jellyfish aren’t dying off because of the tourists, as you might have guessed. Actually, the causes may be more complex. The Pacific Ocean is getting warmer due to El Niño and global warming, which is causing less rain in Palau. Less rain means that Jellyfish Lake is getting saltier, which may explain what’s happening to the jellyfish.




Vocabulary 好字精選

1. jellyfish (n) a sea creature with tentacles  水母
Jellyfish has a crunchy, jelly-like texture when eaten.    



2. sunbathing (n) lying in the sun  日光浴

After sunbathing all day, Sheila’s body was all red. 


3. uninhabited (adj) with nobody living there  無人居住的,杳無人跡的
This forest is popular for trekkers but remains uninhabited. 



4. snorkeling (n) like scuba diving but you only stay on the surface with no oxygen tank  浮潛
Snorkeling is a popular activity on Green Island.



5. sting (v) when a bee, wasp, or jellyfish ‘bites’ you  刺,螫,叮

Nick screamed in pain when he got stung by the wasp.    


6. complex (adj) complicated or with many factors  複雜的,錯綜複雜的;難懂的

The Tokyo subway map is so complex that even many locals can’t figure it out.



Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. made up of (phr) consist of  由…組成
Our team is made up of three salespersons and one product manager.  


2. run out of (phr) to not have any anymore  用完;耗盡
Emily, we’ve run out of sugar. Could you buy some on the way home?   


3. die off (phr) to all die  絕種,滅絕
The dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago. 




Should We or Should We Not Put Stray Animals Down?


In early 2017, Taiwan enacted a new law banning the killing of stray animals. The issue was first put in the spotlight in 2016 after a vet working in an animal sheltercommitted suicide. Prior to her suicide, she had put down more than 700 dogs at the shelter. In her suicide letter, she said, “I hope my departure will let all of you know stray animals are also life. I hope the government knows the importance of controlling the source of the problem.”


Those who oppose killing stray animals argue that it is simply inhumane. Killing innocent animals is just not right. We ought to help these animals and find them good homes, not murder them. And as the above story shows, those who must go through with the killing can suffer from guilt, depression, or ever worse. 


However, there are also strong arguments for putting stray animals down. Animal shelters could become more and more crowded and unable to take in more animals, which mean more would be left on the streets. What’s more, people might feel less guilty about abandoning their pets if they know they won’t be put down. So we could actually see an increase in strays. Many Adv17-02_縮小animalwelfare groups actually support continuing to put animals down for these reasons.


The bottom line is that what we really need to do is address the source of the problem. Why are so many people abandoning their pets? Taiwan needs to encourage people to adopt more pets, and to think harder before they decide to get one.




Vocabulary 好字精選

1. stray (adj/n) with no home (for animals only) 無家的,流浪的(只用於動物)
My aunt feeds the stray cat on our street every day. 

2. enact (v) make a new law  頒布(法律),

The government enacted a new law banning cell phone usage while driving.  

3. shelter (n) a place that offers protection  庇護所,收養所,收留處
The homeless shelter downtown has more than 200 beds.    

4. inhumane (adj) cruel 不人道的
The inhumane practice of killing baby cows for their meat needs to be stopped.  

5. abandon (v) to give up ownership or your connection to something/someone  拋棄,丟棄
The group of girls abandoned their friend in the schoolyard after she said mean things to them.     

6. welfare (n) the happiness/well-being of a group  福祉
Our government’s welfare program offers financial support to the needy. 

7. adopt (v) to take in to your home/family  收養,採用
My best friend was adopted as a child.  



Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. put (an animal) down (phr) to kill an animal because it is sick or it is a stray  安樂死
Lily was forced to have her cat put down because it had been suffering from a serious disease.  


2. in the spotlight (phr) under a lot of focus/attention  受公眾注意,使突出醒目
Jean was really put in the spotlight at school after she appeared on the news for her volunteer work. 

3. commit suicide (expression) to kill oneself  自殺
The soldier would rather commit suicide than be captured by the enemy.

4. go through with sth. (phr) to really/actually do something  完成,實行
Emilio made plans to travel to Costa Rica but never actually went through with them. 

5. bottom line (expression) the most important point/factor  重要的是
As you can see, the bottom line is that we need to be make every customer satisfied.  





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