The Principal’s Words

     Taipei Municipal Nankang Vocational High School (hereinafter referred to as Nankang High School, NKHS) is inclusive of 4 groups and 10 departments: Power Mechanical Engineering Group (Dept. of Heavy Machinery, Dept. of Auto Mechanics), Mechanical Engineering Group (Dept. of Mold and Die Engineering, Dept. of Foundry, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering), Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering Group (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Dept. of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning), Civil Engineering and Architecture Group (Dept. of Civil Engineering, Dept. of Architecture) together with Section of Special Education (Resource Classes) and a Comprehensive High School.

     After former principals’ efforts and teachers' devotion, Nankang High School has already become a top industrial and technical school. It provides positive environments for teenagers to obtain useful knowledge, professional skills and the right attitude to life. It leads them to a happy and healthy life. Moreover, they can become the mainstay of our society. Nankang High School is a high-quality school in Taipei. It corresponds with the reform of education and social environment. "The cradle of technical and vocational education" is our mission. NKHS carries out the basic concept of "spontaneous, interactive and all good". Moreover, it practices the spirit of "independent action", "good communication " and "social participation". Through professional prospective school education, NKHS cultivates students’ lifelong learning motivation to create all-round talents with an international perspective. Each student will have the opportunity to inspire potential and self achievement. We must know well the trend, and analyze changes of the internal and external environment. We can adopt appropriate strategies in accordance with our school status. Then, we improve the programs, and complete the school's sustainable development to create the happiness of NKHS.

     We will retain existing advantages and open up new prospects to equip our school with the excellence, achievement, technology and innovation. Our teachers and students can have more senses of achievement. We must work together for reaching the following goals:

  1. To improve occupational safety facilities. To upgrade safety practices in internship factories. To conform to the enterprise's practical environment.
  2. With the goal of holistic education and humanistic education, I hope that every student can have the opportunity to reach their own achievement.
  3. To strengthen international education. To open up the international view of teachers and students.
  4. Matching with the Nankang Branch of Taipei Municipal Library to move in, NKHS establishes "the professional Nankang book area". It provides our teachers and students more professional information. It will enhance students ' aesthetic appreciation, creative ability, life taste and humanistic quality.
  5. Curriculum and teaching will be student-centered and school-based. They focus on student diversity and adaptive development. We nurture students’ practical ability to connect employment. Students' skill performance or advanced studies in the future can meet the promotion of technical elite. To build the hope project makes NKHS be a much better school.

     The goal of technical education is to cultivate not only useful but also happy people. I hope that we can nurture talents and build the base. Let’s work together to make NKHS become an academic temple for every child to realize his/ her dreams. Every child has the right to get the best start. Let’s work together to make all students more successful and to cultivate the required technical personnel for our country!

Sincerely yours


   Liu Mei-Hui