Facts and Figures

Size: With an annual enrollment of approximately 3200 students in grades 9-12.


  • Total number of faculty: 346
  • Number of teaching faculty: 265
  • Percentage of teaching faculty with advanced degrees: 73%
  • Overall student-faculty ratio: 10 to 1
  • Average class size:40


     According to the national curriculum Guidelines NKHS offers 4 groups of vocational programs and comprehensive school curriculum. The learning areas in NKHS includes general and vocational curriculum. There are 10 learning areas in the general curriculum including Chinese, English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Life, Arts and Humanities, Health and Physical Education, Civil Defense, Integrative Activities. Since NHKS is at the post- secondary high school educational stages, NKHS provides solid vocational programs in 4 professional groups and divided into 10 departments. Some of the curriculum are required and others are optional and school-based. NKHS has switched the paradigm to Student-centered. “Learning by doing” is almost the rule of the classroom practices.

   Group   Department

Electrical Engineering and Electronic   Engineering Group Dept. of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Dept. of Electronic Engineering Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Group Dept. of Foundry Dept. of Mold and Die Engineering Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Power Mechanical Engineering Group Dept. of Heavy Machinery Dept. of Auto Mechanics  
Civil Engineering and Architecture Group Dept. of Civil Engineering Dept. of Architecture  

NKHS is one of the nation's leading Professional Vocational High schools. What sets us apart?

With the efforts of all the teachers and students, NKHS has attained a very high level in students’ performances. Everyone graduates from NKHS will get the national Professional Certificated Licenses and the skillful students win the gold medals in yearly national Professional skill competition.

The great added-value shows in students ration of entering their ideal universities has become the recognition of NKHS.