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                      BEG: The Benefits of Tourism 觀光益處

                      ADV: Travel to the US Visa-Free 前往美國免簽證


The Benefits of Tourism


In the news we often hear about tourism affecting animals and local people in a negative way. However, there are some good aspects of tourism.



One instance of tourism having a positive effect is in southern Africa. In Namibia, money Elem30-01(縮小)brought in from tourists has created nearly 80conservation groups that cover one fifth of the country. Certain rhinos, elephants, and other animals that were nearly extinct years ago have grown in numbers.



The high number of tourists has also helped get rid of many poachers. Because governments have realized how much money tourism brings in, they often fight against wildlife crime.



Another good effect of tourism can be seen in Papa New Guinea. Many tourists travel there to witness cultural festivals. They buy the art made by locals, which enables locals to purchase useful things like medicine.

Elem30-02(縮小)觀光業的正面影響也可在巴布亞紐幾內亞看到。許多旅客為了親眼見到文化盛宴而到當地旅遊。他們向當地人購買藝術品,這能讓在地人有錢購買如藥物等等實用的生活物資 。


As time goes by, hopefully the negative aspects of tourism will go away, and the positive ones will remain. Then the world will be a better place.




Vocabulary 好字精選

1. aspect (n) a particular part or feature of something  部分;外觀
Finishing homework is just one aspect of being a good student.



2. conservation (n) the act of protecting something from harm or destruction  保存;(對自然資源的)保護,管理

The conservation of the environment is important for humanity.


3. extinct (adj) (of a species) having no living members  絕種的,滅絕的
The dodo bird went extinct long ago. 



4. poacher (n) a person who captures and kills wild animals illegally侵入他人地界者;盜獵者
Poachers are a big part of why animals go extinct.



5. witness (v) to see, hear, or know by way of personal experience or perception  目擊者;見證人

Jenny was the only witness to the crime.



Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. bring in (phrasal verb) to earn money獲利,帶進…

Last year the company brought in millions of dollars.



2. The high number of… (phrase)  大量的(+可數名詞)

The high number of minorities created a culturally diverse city.



3. as time goes by (idiom) as time passes or moves on  隨著時間…

As time went by, he lost more and more money to gambling.




Travel to the US Visa-Free


Traveling is such a hassle sometimes. On top of everything else, many countries require a visa. Luckily, Taiwanese citizens no longer need a visa if they wish to travel to the United States. This applies only to those who plan to stay in the country 90 days or less. The program that makes Adv30-01(縮小)this possible is called the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

旅行有時很麻煩。 除了準備一切事宜,許多國家都要簽證。 幸運的是,如果台灣公民想前往美國,不再需要簽證。 這僅適用於計劃在國內停留90天以內的人士。使得這一切成真的方案就是所謂的免簽證計劃(VWP)。


To apply, a Taiwanese citizen must go to the official Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) website and fill out an application form. In addition to paying the $14 application fee, those wishing to travel must also provide their passport information, latest employment information, and contact information. Anyone under 18 must obtain a separate authorization from the ESTA.

台灣公民要申請免簽,必須到電子旅遊官方授權系統(ESTA)網站上填寫申請表。 除了支付14美元的申請費外,那些想去那旅行的人還必須提供護照資料、最新的就業資訊以及聯絡方式。 任何18歲以下的人必須獲得ESTA的個別授權。


Taiwanese citizens wishing to apply are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Citizens can apply anytime, but it should be noted that processing the application could take up to 72 hours to complete. Travelers’ plans may change or get set back, but luckily the ESTA authorization is good for two years, as long as a citizen’s passport remains valid.

想申請的台灣公民要盡快處理。 公民可隨時申請,但要注意,完成申請可能需要72小時。旅行計畫有可Adv30-02(縮小)能變動或延後,但幸運的是,公民的有效護照有效期為二年。


This is great news not just for Taiwanese nationals, but for any eligible citizen residing in one of 38 participatingcountries. The United States is a huge country with an interesting culture. There are many things to see and do there, so take advantage of this opportunity!




Vocabulary 好字精選

1. hassle (n) a troublesome inconvenience  麻煩
Filing taxes is a big hassle. 申報稅單真是個大麻煩。

2. apply (v) to make a formal application or request  申請(+for sth/ to sb)
Have you applied for the job yet?   你已經申請這份工作了嗎?


3. employment (n) the state of being employed  就業,就職
To find employment, you can look in the newspaper.  



4. authorization (n) the act of getting official permission  (官方)授權

Stanley had to obtain proper authorization before he was allowed to travel.



5. valid (adj.) legally acceptable  合法的,有效的

Are you sure these documents are valid?   你確定這些文件有效?


6. national (n) a citizen of a particular country  國民,(國家)公民

Mrs. Weber is a German national.   Weber夫人是德國人。


7. participate (v) to be involved in  參與,參加(+in)

I didn’t participate in many after-school activities.  我沒有參加很多課後活動。


Phrases and Sentence Patterns句型解析

1. on top of (phrase) in addition to  除…之外
On top a stomach virus, Dr. Evans also caught pneumonia.



2. fill out (phrasal verb) to add information such as your name or address in the empty spaces on an official document  填寫,填入(fill in)

Did you remember to fill out the form?  你記得填好表格了嗎?

3. get + set back (get + phrasal verb) to get delayed  延遲,延後
My appointment with Mr. Garlitz got set back.  我與Garlitz先生的會議往後延了。


4. take advantage of (phrase) to make good use of an opportunity 利用,佔便宜

Let’s take advantage of the good weather and go outside.  咱們趁著好天氣出去吧。





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